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Name Kendall Robbin Shurance

Hometown Temecula, CA

Current Food Obsession  Prosciutto... on everything.

Kendall Robbin Shurance

Kendall Robbin Shurance

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Food Studies?
I always gravitated toward studying food in my undergrad, and San Francisco has always been my favorite city in the world. When I found out there was a program available in a place where it didn't snow, I was sold!

What topic have you found most compelling in your studies?
Food Philosophy is a topic that I didn't know existed before beginning this program. Though my mind doesn't really work that way, thinking about food in such an elemental way has really shaped how I approach my studies and interaction with food over all. The thing about studying food is that it is so practical. You learn and learn and learn and then get to eat and eat and eat!

What is something that has surprised you about the field of Food Studies?
I was surprised how broad of a field it really is! There are a wide variety of approaches to studying food, and the way that they all work together to inform each other is really fascinating. One paper can include psychology, anthropology, communication studies, and history, all interacting with each other to understand one element of the food world. That kind of broad and cross-disciplinary thinking is challenging at times, but oh so rewarding.

What is one of your favorite San Francisco food experiences?  
I spend A LOT of time in the SoMa district, and have become quite an expert on the coffee shops in this neighborhood. Every morning before work, I give myself extra time to explore and try somewhere new. But I've never lived in a big city before, so the very act of walking down a street and stumbling into somewhere new is still very exciting to me. 

How do you envision putting this degree to work?
I'm always open to new direction and opportunities as they present themselves, but right now I plan on returning to Communication Studies for my PhD and teaching Food from a Communication perspective.