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Susan Miller-Davis


Current Food Obsession 
Testing and comparing meal kit services

Susan Miller-Davis

"I think it's important to enlist both reverence and rigor in improving our food system."

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Food Studies?
I was interested in deepening my knowledge of a field that has emerged since I pursued my MPA in the mid 1990s.

What topic have you found most compelling in your studies?  
One of the things I am learning, and appreciating, is the interdisciplinary nature of Food Studies. One key learning so far has been the different ways to think about food as cultural capital in society, and how that drives individual and collective behavior as well as broader trends.

What is something that has surprised about the field of Food Studies?  
I've come to appreciate the theoretical and academic grounding that supports the more popular commentators like Michael Pollan and David Brooks.

What is one of your favorite San Francisco food experiences?
I love the dining clubs like Feastly and Naked Kitchen where you can experience intimate, experimental or new foods and entrepreneurs. I also love Three Stone Hearth in Berkeley, a community kitchen that churns out tasty, nutritious, local and sustainably sourced prepared food in reusable containers.

How do you envision putting this degree to work?
I am seeking to apply my background in policy, economics and financial analysis toward solving some of the pressing food-related problems of the 21st century, and promoting the pleasures of the table in service of building a better society.