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2010 Conference Presentations

Gender, Race and Space Conference

September 25, 2010

Student Panel: En-Gendering Childhood and Adolescence
Chair: Dr. Jennifer Helgren (History)

  • Lynda Lowry: "Threat Level Red: Menstrual Product Advertising and Attitudes About the Body"
  • Andrés Nunez/Emily Redding: "Not Photo Shopped: A Media Literacy Group for Adolescent Girls"
  • Stephanie Douglass: "Toys and Gender Roles"
  • Alicia Still/Monica and Theresa Cortez-Guardado: "Disney Fairytales: More Than Just Harmless Fun"

Student Panel: Real and Imagined Spaces
Chair: Dr. Robert Chester (History)

  • Courtney Frost: "Alone In America.  Representation and Identity of Chinese American Immigrants"
  • Robin Lee/Bethany Mackenzie/Marie-Clare Treseder: "Read It And Weep: The Incidence of Rape in College Campuses"
  • Janani Balasubramaniam: "Negotiating Dualisms: Indigenous Women and Ecofeminism in an Era of Climate Change"
  • Dara Tarawahara: "Shirts vs. Skins: A Content Analysis of Gender in Sports Illustrated Front Covers 1999-2009"

Student Panel: Recalibrating Norms in Math and Science
Chair: Dr. Chris Goff (Math)

  • Nga Tran: "Sarah Flannery: A Mathematical Journey"
  • Lauren Elward: "Escalante: The Best Teacher in America"
  • Keri Woodhouse: "Winnie Cooper says Kiss my Math!"

Student Panel: Sexuality and Embodiment
Chair: Dr. Marcia Hernandez (Sociology)

  • Elena McDonald-Martyn: "Intersex in American Society"           
  • Rachel Westerhoff/Hillary Andrade/Amber Stern: "Effects of Porn"
  • Catherine Collett: "Twentieth Century Female Beauty Standards Affecting the Beauty Paradox of the Twenty-First Century"
  • Charles Syms: "Identities Claimed, Identities Assigned: Transgender Subjectivities in Raymond's The Transsexual Empire and Stone's The Empire Strikes Back"

Student Panel: Morality and Transgression in Film and Literature
Chair: Dr. Andreea Boboc (English)

  • Stephanie Mohr: "Defining National Morality: The Role of Feminine Gender and Space Within Indian Cinema"
  • Jessica Tran: "Day of the Women: Avengers in Rape-Revenge Films and the Fascination of Male Moviegoers"
  • Nicole Chorney: "Literary Portrayals of Immigrant Widows Challenging the Tradition of Subjectivity in Asian American Literature"
  • Alyssa Baldocchi: "Building with the Trowel of Your Pen: A Spatial Reading of Myth, Reality, and Ethos in The Book of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan"

Poster Sessions

  • Jose Lopez: "Femicide in Ciudad Juarez Mexico: United States Making Profit in Ciudad Juarez and Not Taking Responsibility"
  • Mary Xiong and Jeannene Ward-Lonergan: "Earliest Words Produced and Understood by Bilingual Hmong/English Speaking Infants/Toddlers"
  • Charles Syms: "The Making of a Movement: LGBTQ Community Organizing in South Korea"
  • Tara Ignont: "Understanding Racial Inequality in Higher Education"

Faculty Panel:  Constructions of Identity in Cinema, Visual Culture, and Literature
Chair: Dr. Teresa Bergman (Communication)

  • Dr. Merrill Schleier (Visual Arts/Art History): "Fatal Attraction: Gender, 'Place' and the Korean War in Niagara (1953)"
  • Dr. Diane Borden (English/Film Studies): "Travelogue as Traumalogue: Space, Place and Memory in Hitchcock's Vertigo"
  • Dr. Xiaojing Zhou (English/Ethnic Studies): "Competing Representations of Chinatown: A Raced and Gendered Space"