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Geographical Information Systems Laboratory

GIS computerGeographic Information Systems (GIS) and geo-spatial data are an important resource for educational and research applications because they allow users to examine information in new ways. The Geographical Information Systems Laboratory offers a variety of hardware and software resources. These facilities are available to students, faculty and staff working on GIS-related research or projects. This lab facility was designed to support our Spatial Analysis coursework, but is actively incorporated into the lab and lecture curriculum of all of our general education and major courses. The GIS Lab features:

  • 7 Dell computers with current ESRI ArcView and ArcINFO licenses
  • HP DesignJet 1055CM wide-format printer
  • Trible Juno ArcPads
  • Garmin GPS receivers
  • Sokkia SET 600 Total Station surveying system
  • WACOM graphics tablet
  • Flatbed and slide scanners
  • Light tables
  • A large collection of paper maps for lab use (including USGS topographic quadrangles for California)
  • GIS-related books, magazines and manuals

This lab was partially funded by a grant from the W. M. Keck Foundation. Access to the facility is available by appointment. If interested, please contact Drs. Lydia Fox or Kurtis Burmeister.