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Rock Sample Preparation Laboratory

Rock labRocks and mineral samples frequently require some degree of preparation (e.g., sorting, sieving, cutting, polishing) prior to use. To support student and/or faculty research projects and course-related activities, the rock sample preparation lab in the Pacific Geosciences Center is equipped to process a wide range of geologic samples. The rock preparation lab is a general use facility, but is often used by students in Petrography, Structural Geology, and Geologic Field Methods. The Rock Sample Preparation lab features:

  • Diamond bladed trim saw (Barranca 10")
  • Diamond bladed slab saws (Coddington 12" and Lortone 18")
  • Flat lap grinding and polishing wheels
  • Thin section cut-off saw and polishing equipment
  • Rocklabs hydraulic crusher/splitter
  • Spex-Carver Hydraulic press
  • Spex Claisse Fluxy automatic fluxer
  • Shatterbox (Spex-Certiprep 8515)
  • Mixer/Mill (Spex-Certiprep 8000M)
  • Muffle furnace

Students must have permission from a faculty member to use this facility, and equipment may not be used without prior care and safety instruction. See Drs. Fox or Burmeister for room access.