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Program Admissions Requirements

Admission to the AT Program is highly competitive and not guaranteed simply upon satisfactory completion of all application and pre-requisite requirements. The Pacific AT Program Admissions Committee evaluates each applicant based on many factors.  Applicants will be notified of the committee's decision in writing. 

Application to the AT Program is February 1st for admittance the following fall semester.  Admission to the AT Program is based on the following criteria: 

Completed Application form and admission essay submitted by February 1st.

  1. Cumulative GPA must be 2.8 or higher as indicated by official transcripts.
  2. Completion of an introductory Athletic Training course.
  3. Completion of BIOL 71 - Human Anatomy
  4. Completion or concurrent enrollment of BIOL 81 - Human Physiology
  5. Completion of at least 2 semesters or 3 quarters of college level work
  6. Letter of documentation that verifies completion of 50 observation hours under the supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer
  7. Evidence of academic progression and ability to handle clinical and academic demands of the program
  8. Two recommendation forms; one must be from a Certified Athletic Trainer
  9. Current First Aid certification
  10. Evidence of Health Evaluation
  11. Signed Technical Standards for Admission
  12. Interview
  • The interviews are scheduled during the spring semester and are conducted by a selected interview committee. The committee consists of at least one faculty member and several clinical instructors from the clinical sites. 

    13.  Overall fit with the AT Program

Please refer to the following links for application information and paperwork.