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Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences
Main Gymnasium
Miguel Medrano
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Bachelor of Arts in Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences with a Concentration in Sport Pedagogy

The goals of the Sport Pedagogy program are directly related to the aims of the NASPE Standards, California Standards and InTASC standards.

Sport Pedagogy program goals are to:
1. Provide a university experience consistent with the mission and aims of University of the Pacific.
2. Develop a sound professional knowledge and skill base, and promote positive dispositions in our education professionals.
3. Prepare students to be credential to teach and coach adolescents in the K-12 context.

Program Philosophy:
The Sport Pedagogy major is created to provide each student with the needed content knowledge and pedagogical skills to become a certified physical educator and coach.  The program is based on pertinent national and state content standards ensuring that students are exposed to the most relevant coursework.  This innovative, research-based curriculum prepares students teach a variety of sport, health-related fitness and recreation activities.  Students will have a variety of teaching and coaching field experiences at the elementary, middle and high school levels. 

Curriculum Structure:
The program is a 4-year program where students will exit with their B.A. in Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences with an emphasis in Sport Pedagogy and the ability to apply for their California physical education teacher credential. Upon admission into the program students will complete an additional 48 units in the major to be able to qualify for graduation and apply for the teaching credential.  The Students must pass the CBEST and CSET state credential exam prior to student teaching.  Beyond classroom teaching, students will have experiential learning opportunities in the public schools.  The program contains numerous experiential learning opportunities throughout all levels, with student teaching being culminating school-based practicum.  A professional teaching portfolio, aligned with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Initial Teaching Standards, will be created and developed through out every Sport Pedagogy program.  All courses must be completed prior to the student teaching practicum.  The program will take at least 6 semesters to complete. Please note that several courses are required to take each semester to ensure satisfactory progress toward graduation.  See Program Curriculum Map and Catalog for more details

The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements and course listings.)

I. General Education Requirements
Minimum 42 units and 12 courses, including:

  • PACS 001 Pacific Seminar I: What is a Good Society?
  • PACS 002 Pacific II Topical Seminar
  • PACS 003 Pacific Seminar III: The Ethics of Family, Work, and Citizenship

Note: 1) Pacific Seminars cannot be taken for Pass/No Credit. 2) Transfer students with 16 or more transfer units complete 2 additional General Education elective courses from below in place of taking PACS 001 and 002.

One course from each subdivision below:

  • The Individual and Society
    • IA. Individual and Interpersonal Behavior
    • IB. U.S. Studies
    • IC. Global Studies
  • Human Heritage
    • IIA. Literature, Letters and Language
    • IIB. Fundamental Human Concerns
    • IIC. Practice and Perspective in the Visual and Performing Arts
  • Natural World and Formal Systems of Thought
    • IIIA. Life and Physical Laboratory Sciences
    • IIIB. Formal Systems of Thought
    • IIIC. Science, Technology, and Society
      or a second Life and Physical Laboratory Science

Note: 1) A complete list of the courses that satisfy the subdivisions above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog and the online course search. 2) No more than two courses from a discipline may be applied to meet the requirements of the general education program.

II. College of the Pacific BA Requirement
a. One year of college instruction or equivalent training in a language other than English.
Note: 1) Transfer students with sophomore standing are exempt from this requirement.

III. Fundamental Skills
Demonstrate competence in: 

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Quantitative analysis

Note: 1) A detailed description of how you can satisfy the fundamental skills above can be found in the front General Education section of this catalog.

IV. Breadth Requirement
Complete 64 units outside the primary discipline of the first major, regardless of the department who offers the course(s) in that discipline (Including general education courses, transfer courses, CPCE/EXTN units, internships, etc.)

V. Major Requirements
Minimum 50 units, including:

  • HESP 100 Introduction to Research
  • HESP 121 Team Sports
  • HESP 123 Individual Sports
  • HESP 127 Philosophy of Sport
  • HESP 131 Assessment and Evaluation
  • HESP 133 Kinesiology
  • HESP 139 Sport Psychology
  • HESP 141 Sport in America
  • HESP 147 Exercise Physiology
  • HESP 151 Elementary Physical Education
  • HESP 153 Adapted Physical Education
  • HESP 155 Motor Learning
  • HESP 159 Sport Pedagogy
  • HESP 161 Biomechanics of Human Movement
  • HESP 189e Practicum: Sport Pedagogy

Motor Skill Proficiencies
Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences majors completing the Sport Pedagogy Concentration must also demonstrate 10 proficiencies over six areas: aquatics (1); gymnastics and tumbling (1); combatives and/or martial arts (1); dance (1); individual sports (3); and team sports (3). The ten proficiencies must include a minimum of two advanced, four intermediate and four beginning skills.  Proficiencies may be met by successfully completing HESP 121 and HESP 123 and/or successfully completing appropriate activity classes.