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Lara Killick

Teaching Philosophy

I hold a dual position here at Pacific, with one foot in Sociology of Sport and the other in Sport Pedagogy, and see the two as irrevocably intertwined. 

As a sociologist, I help students develop the critical thinking skills needed to question and explore sports' role in the development of societies, ideologies and everyday life. As a pedagogue, I assist students in developing their pedagogical skills through the use of reflexive, innovative and experiential teaching practices.

Both of these roles require an approach that is sensitive to the social, cultural and historical context in which we live our lives and demand a skill set that emphasizes reasoned debate, a multi-faceted understanding of the task at hand and an appreciation of diversity in thought and action.

My position at Pacific combines the two passions in my life: teaching and research. Viewing the relationship between the two as symbiotic, I situate student learning and empowerment at the heart of my teaching approach.

My commitment to my students is particularly evident in my Teaching Assistant (TA) program.  Here I work one on one with my TAs to develop their pedagogical and interpersonal skills as they prepare for the challenges and terrain of their post-graduation employment. I place tremendous significance on active and experiential learning experiences within all my classes and invest large amounts of time and energy developing curricula that apply the latest advances in pedagogical theory and practice. 

On a daily basis, my students are challenged to critically examine their own life experiences and ideologies, take their thinking "outside of the box" and are encouraged to become active consumers within the learning process. In return, my students challenge and push me to become the best teacher I can be and remind me everyday that we never stop learning since "all the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind" (Fischer).

Coming Soon: Video Samples of My Classes

Check back to see my teaching philosophy in action through TA-produced "infomercials" for my Sport in America (SPTS 141) and Introduction to Research (SPTS 100) classes!



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Lara Killick, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Health, Exercise, and Sport Sciences Department
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Phone: 209.946.2981
Office: Main Gym, Room 211 

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211