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Discover History

History program at Pacific offers range and depth in our course offerings and a chance to study in small classes with great faculty members who love what they do. We also offer students the opportunity to conduct research they are interested in under faculty guidance.

Through our foundation courses, we make sure our students have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in subsequent courses. An example of this is our Historical Imagination course, which trains students in the historian's craft, preparing them further for course work and their own future research.

Gain a Broad Perspective

From the history of food to a close examination of modern Asian societies, the History department offers a wide variety of classes that cover many diverse themes. Some focus on specific time periods, while others take a regional approach. Just as diverse is the array of specialties our faculty members draw from to illuminate historical topics.

Be Inspired by Our Faculty

The History department is comprised of a team of internationally recognized scholars committed to providing students with knowledge and skills necessary for success in many professions. As professional historians, they routinely present and publish works for both academic and popular audiences. As professors, they help students understand how the events of the past, the reality of today, and the direction of the future inseparably connect.

Learn Outside the Classroom

Beyond the classroom, our majors have many opportunities for student research in our own and nearby research libraries. We also help facilitate internships in local museums. Phi Alpha Theta, the History honor society, as well as combined lectures, activities, and conferences with the Gender and Ethnic Studies programs, offer additional venues for learning outside the classroom.