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Ken Albala

Dr. Ken AlbalaTeaching Approach

I think the classroom should be fun and exciting and since I love telling stories, much of our time is spent doing just that, as well as discussing important events, individuals and long-term historical processes.

We also read original sources and view contemporary images, learning how history is always a matter of interpretation.

We learn to think critically about what historians have written about the past and how their ideas are shaped by their own interests and biases.

The same body of evidence can be used to defend very diverse positions and rarely are there plain and straight-forward facts to be memorized.

By getting our hands dirty with primary documents, we learn how to write history well, how to support an argument, and ultimately how to tell a good story.

I also think that the skills one learns in my classes make students better researchers, thinkers and writers in whatever professions they decide to pursue. 

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Ken Albala, Professor of History
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