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W. R. Swagerty

Teaching Approach

Dr. Bill Swagerty

My primary goal is mentoring students in researching important questions in the social and environmental sciences.  I have never championed memorization for memory’s sake and consider the best tool that any university can offer its citizens its Library.  Students in my classes learn to use library resources and gain valuable analytical skills in formulating and evaluating research questions.  I also believe that education should be fun and integrate many audio-visual materials in all of my classes. Finally, my teaching is student-centered. I ask each class member to share research with each other in the form of oral presentations, most illustrated with Powerpoint or video technology.  Students learn from each other in this manner, get to know each other, and form lasting collegiate friendships.  At Pacific this is possible with our small classes and the one-on-one contact between professor and student.

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I am also Director of the John Muir Center and one of the department advisors for our chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, the national History Honor Society.