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Minor in Applied Mathematics

(The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements.)

In order to earn a minor in applied mathematics, students must complete a minimum of 20 units with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0.

Minor Requirements:

  • One of the following courses:
    • MATH 037 Introduction to Statistics and Probability
    • MATH 039 Probability with Applications to Statistics
    • MATH 131 Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
  • Each of the following courses:
    • MATH 051 Calculus I
    • MATH 053 Calculus II
    • MATH 145 Applied Linear Algebra
  • One of the following courses:
    • MATH 074 Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
    • MATH 174 Graph Theory
  • MATH Electives (2 additional applied mathematics courses)

Note: 1) Electives are to be chosen in consultation of a minor advisor.