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Sebastian M. Marotta

Teaching Philosophy and Research:

A very important part of my life has always been the understanding and learning of something new. During the many years I have been in academia I was extremely lucky to have found professors, teaching fellows and students that inspired me in many different ways and they are the reason why I started teaching. I have been teaching since I started my career as an engineer at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), in Argentina, in 1990.

In the classroom, I introduce new technologies and I give students opportunities to discover mathematics on their own. Students solve problems in groups and individually, in class and at home, and they use programs that are available online. They also work on projects that involve research and the writing of reports. I try to connect the abstract ideas in mathematics to the scientific applications that are derived from them.

I started doing research in mathematics mainly because of two reasons: the amazing fractal pictures that one can obtain with very simple mathematical models and the challenge that these models represent to understanding their dynamical behavior. I have been very fortunate to have found many people that inspired me and taught me with great enthusiasm and generosity many interesting subjects in mathematics.

My area of work is dynamical systems. I work on the complex dynamics of rational functions on the Riemann sphere, rational semigroups and Kleinian groups and I have also worked on cellular automata and numerical models of random walks and aggregation phenomena.

One of my goals is to provide a fruitful environment for students interested in research. After a first course in chaotic dynamics or differential equations the students are ready to undertake research projects with me.

I also have developed Mathematica software to study and do research in mathematics. Most of the software is free and available online in my personal webpage.

Best regards,

Sebastian M. Marotta

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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