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Classroom Building 106
Caroline Quiroga
Department Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton CA 95211

Keith Whittington

Teaching:  Pacific has been a great place to work closely with students. I love the interaction made possible by small classes and independent studies.  It is satisfying to see many of our students go on to earn advanced degrees in mathematics or to assume other leading roles in society. 

Areas of research:  Commutative algebra, topology, topological groups.  In recent years I have been working on extending some classical results on compact topological groups. These questions are part of a central theme in mathematics that has been on-going for nearly a century.


  • Asymptotic prime divisors and the altitude formula, Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Texas, 1980
  • Crossing the square, American Mathematical Monthly, 98 (1991), 833-834. 
  • A level crossing of the square requires in nitely many constituants, Houston Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 18, No. 2, 1992
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  • (with Janusz, Prajs) Filament sets and decompositions of homogeneous continua, Topology and its Applications 154 (2007) No. 9, 1942-1950.


Keith Whittington
Professor of Mathematics
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