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Classroom Building 106
Caroline Quiroga
Department Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton CA 95211

Walter Zimmermann

I see mathematics as multifaceted, including concepts and principles, deductive reasoning, computational skills, visualization skills, and applications. Through problem solving, I endeavor to develop all of these aspects of the discipline in a balanced way. I try to proceed systematically from simple problems to more challenging ones and from concrete questions to more abstract ones. My approach to teaching is lecture-based, interspersed with opportunities for questions, discussion or short periods of individual work. I give frequent short quizzes, which I see as a valuable learning tool. I use graphing calculators where appropriate.

Most of my courses are calculus or calculus-based. I see these as a sequence in which each course should build on the previous ones and develop a foundation for the courses which follow. Students should gradually achieve a coherent grasp of calculus and advanced topics.

I've worked with other colleagues to develop the major in Applied Mathematics. My more advanced courses especially are designed to serve the goals of this major, which are to develop the concepts and tools used.

Walter Zimmermann
Professor of Mathematics
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