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Elena Savelieva-Thompson (Russian)

Welcome to the Russian class! My approach to teaching is both playful and serious. We must work hard, and we must play hard to reach our goals. With serious ends in mind, I enjoy helping my students to "play with language" as they learn.

Having taught a wide variety of second-language learners at all levels of knowledge, my approach is always flexible and is focused on each student as an individual.

My knowledge and understanding of Russian history, civilization and culture enables me to be a competent mentor and guide for students who are interested in these subjects, as well as the possibility of studying abroad.

My love of the Russian language, literature, poetry enables me to be a very enthusiastic guide to these areas of artistic activity. In my experience close involvement with songs and poems can be very fun and stimulating for students of every ability level. It is this type of activity which can help "immerse" students in a second language.

Elena Savelieva-Thompson
Russian Area Studies Instructor
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