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Modern Languages and Literature
Wendell Phillips Center Annex
Beth Moreno
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Arturo Giraldez (Spanish)

I teach classes at the Modern Languages and Literatures Department and the School of International Studies.

In the Modern Language Department I teach Advanced Composition, Spanish Civilization, and Language Classes. I try to convey in my classes the importance of learning a foreign language as a way to understand other people's cultures and histories.

Learning a foreign language is learning a new intellectual perspective on the world and that is what makes learning languages an exciting experience.

In my World History Class I try to show the students that history is essential to understand the present. I place social and political events in a history of ecology framework to understand the development of societies in time.

In Globalization, the US and the World I place the economic and social history of the US in relation to the history of global connections and interactions from an ecologic and economic history frame of reference.


Arturo Giraldez
Professor of Spanish
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