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Modern Languages and Literature
Wendell Phillips Center Annex
Beth Moreno
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Jie Lu (Chinese)

In Chinese language courses, a high priority is to train language skills and enhance cultural awareness.

To achieve these goals, I try to create a relaxed and lively atmosphere but dynamic interactions between the instructor and students as well as among students.

Students from the most advanced to the least advanced are given equal opportunities to perform in the classroom-no one is left 'quite.'

The mutual respects and help both inside and outside classrooms are strongly encouraged and cultivated.

Currently I am engaged in developing a computer-enhanced Chinese language curriculum.

This project, together with use of video and our new Sony Sans Authoring Software, will move the technology instruction and multimedia pedagogy in language instruction to a higher level.

My non-language courses are characterized by the emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and introduction and cultivation of various perspectives.

All these courses cover a wide range of texts from literature, film, history, literary and social theories that speak to different aspects of East Asian cultures, societies and histories.

Jie Lu
Professor of Chinese
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Courses Taught

CHIN 11A First-year Chinese, 1st semester
CHIN 11B First-year Chinese, 2nd semester
CHIN 23 Chinese through Culture, 3rd semester
CHIN 25 Chinese through Culture, 4th semester
CHIN 125 Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 126 Advanced Chinese II
ASIA 120 Asian Cinemas
ASIA 124 Society, Gender and Culture in Contemporary East Asia
HIST 31 East Asian Civilization II
HIST 142 China To 1840

Research Interests

Current research interest: representation of the city in contemporary Chinese fiction and film.

Major Publications

Writing against Spectacular Reality: Cultural Intervention in China and Taiwan, guest-edited, with the special issue editor's introduction, special issue for Journal of Contemporary China, forthcoming 2008.

China's Literary and Cultural Scenes at the Turn of the 21st Century, ed. (London: Routledge, 2008)

Chonese Literary and Cultural Scenes at the turn of the 21st Century

Dismantling Time: Chinese Literature in the Age of Globalization (Singapore & NY: Academic Publishing, Marshall Cavendish International Private Limited, 2005).

Dismantling Time, Jie Lu

New Literary and Cultural Scenes in Contemporary China, guest-edited, with the special issue editor's note, special issue for Journal of Contemporary China, Part I, 12 (37), November, 2003, Part II, 13 (38), Feb. 2004, Part III, 14 (39), May 2004.

Chinese Literature in Post-Mao Period, guest-edited, with an introduction, special issue for American Journal of Chinese Studies, April 1998.