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Martín Camps

Professor of Spanish


Phone: 209.946.7403


WPC 246


PhD, University of California, Riverside, 2003

MFA, University of Texas, El Paso, 1999

BA, Instituto de Comunicacion y Filosofia, Mexico City, 1997

Curriculum Vitae 

Teaching Philosophy

For me teaching is a process of encouraging students to make connections between their own experiences and the subject matter at hand. My role as a teacher is to be a facilitator, and enable students to become responsible for their own learning. Yet, students learn in different ways and I explore different ways of presenting material so as to target the many different learning styles of the students. Technology is important in the classroom since it is a vehicle for instruction and can be an invaluable tool for addressing different learning styles. I teach all levels of Spanish (11a, 11b), Intermediate, and also Mexican Literature, Phonetics and Phonology, Literatura fronteriza, Spanish for the Health Professions, among others.

Scholarly Interest

Mexican Literature

Border Studies

Latin American Studies


Creative Writing



Martin Camps: Acercamiento a la narrativa de  Luis Arturo Ramos. Martin Camps: Cruces Fronterizos; Hacia una narrativa del desierto.


Martin is a respected and published poet in Mexico.

Desierto Sol, Martin Camps
Book cover by Camps

Poetry by Martin Camps

Novel: (Read an interview about this novel)

Office Hours


Parque Industrial Rainbows at Seven Eleven




SPAN 11A First-year Spanish, First Semester

SPAN 11B First-year Spanish, Second Semester

SPAN 135 Literatura Latinoamericana del Boom

UCLP 016 Spanish for the Health Professions

SPAN 110 Civilización hispanoamericana

SPAN 193 Literatura Latino/a, Literatura Fronteriza