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Student Insights

Andrew Summers

Andrew majored in International Relations and Global Studies, Spanish, and French.

"One of the things that was so appealing to me about Pacific is how easy it is to double (or in my case triple) major with a language and something else. Studying abroad is extremely easy to arrange and getting classes taken abroad to count for a foreign language major at Pacific is really easy too. Also, since Pacific isn't a huge school, I know all of my professors. In my French class this semester, there are only ten of us, so everyone gets a chance to participate and know the professor. My experience at Pacific has been great!"

Bryan Cheung

Bryan earned a double major in Psychology and Asian Language & Studies (Chinese concentration).
Upon graduating, he was seeking a Research Assistant Position in the Economic Research Divisions at the Federal Research Board, and he planned to attend a graduate program in business.

"In addition to my personal interest, I found many benefits in majoring in Asian Language and Studies with a Chinese concentration. With China's economic boom, individuals who know the Chinese language will have an advantage in the near future. Another factor that lured me into majoring in Chinese was the relationships I had with professors at the Modern Languages and Literature Department. I found them to be frank, straightforward and humorous—traits I appreciate and have no problems reciprocating."