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My research interests are focused within the broad discipline of Sociology of Sport and can be loosely organized around three central themes.

The first and most prominent of these relates to the Body and Physical Culture.  I am particularly interested in contributing to the growing corpus of knowledge around young people's embodied understandings of health and risk. Within this area, I seek to develop several lines of enquiry related to my Ph.D. research which include, but are not limited to:

  • The young people-sport-risk-health nexus
  • Development of epistemic devices around sporting pain and injury
  • Media representations of the (injured) body and sport. 

These ideas connect with broader concerns related to the construction of gendered athletic identities, the role of achievement sport in physical education and power relations within the school environment.  

In addition to the above, I am developing two embryonic research interests:

  • Social and Cultural Determinants of Health: I am particularly committed to exploring innovative methodological tools within my research and empowering participants and local communities through the research process.
  • Pedagogical Theory and Practice:  I place active student learning at the heart of my teaching philosophy and am engaging more deeply with critical pedagogical theory and the utilization of emergent technology within my teaching practices.