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Student Achievements

At the end of the year, each of the academic departments and interdisciplinary programs in the College of the Pacific honors a truly exceptional graduating senior or group of seniors with the Outstanding Graduate Award. This award is given to students who have not only earned a consistently high academic record, but who have also been actively involved in the discipline through activities, research, or special projects.

Meet Our Outstanding 2011 Graduate

Erin Hardy, an Engineering-Physics and Applied Math major, was selected as our Outstanding Senior this year. To give an example of how strong she is academically, Erin aced Astrophysics (PHYS 141)—a serious course that requires four semesters of calculus and differential equations, plus relativity and quantum mechanics. Professors in both Physics and Mathematics Departments have confessed to grading her work first, so they would have a clear key to use for grading other students' work.

Erin will be off to grad school at Dartmouth, to get a Master's in Engineering, with a focus on environmental issues.