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Psychology Student with Professor

“One of the best things about going to Pacific is the faculty. They always make time to help students no matter how many papers they have to grade. If you are ever struggling or have questions, never hesitate to send them an email or stay after class to talk.”

Rachel Westerhoff,
Psychology major

Getting a degree in Psychology at Pacific offers several advantages because of our strong student-centered approach.

Our students obtain valuable research and applied experience, which enriches their education at Pacific and greatly increases their attractiveness as future employees, graduate students or professional school students.

Psychology Department Highlights

  • We have seven full-time faculty members who teach interesting and lively courses. They also foster close faculty-student interaction and are committed to helping students achieve their goals at Pacific and beyond.
  • Our students—undergrad and grad alike—have the opportunity to work on their own research projects and often present at professional meetings and/or co-author publications.
  • Students gain practical experience through internships/practica in the community and other hands-on experiences.
  • Our Visiting Scholars program exposes students to other experts in the field of behavioral psychology, and establishes a connection with other institutions that can provide advantages for students considering graduate school.