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Career Paths

Psychology student with child

Our graduates have a strong knowledge base in the field of Psychology. In addition, we emphasize analytical, research and communication skills (oral and written), which are valued across a wide range of employment settings and graduate/professional programs.

  • Upon completion of their B.A., graduates may work in fields such as social services, mental health, education and human resources.
  • Some of our graduates have used their degrees as springboards into a wide range of professions not directly related to Psychology, such as business, consulting, computer industries, marketing, retail, sales, public health, and library science.
  • Many of our B.A. recipients continue their education by seeking graduate degrees in psychology. Others pursue professional degrees in law, business, human resources, public health, social work, social policy, and other areas.

Career and Graduate School Options

"What Can I Do With a B.A. in Psychology?"

To assist students with the wide array of career and graduate school options available to them, each spring semester the Psychology Department holds a "What Can I Do With a B.A. in Psychology?" event.

At this event students learn what career possibilities are available for graduates with B.A.s in Psychology and how to find out about specific opportunities.

"How to Apply to Graduate School"

Our faculty is highly supportive of students seeking admission to graduate school. Each fall semester the department hosts a "How to Apply to Graduate School" event to help students in being competitive graduate school applicants.