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Doctoral Preparation Track

Students accepted into our doctoral preparation track are interested in significantly improving their chances of being accepted into doctoral programs in the areas of behavior analysis or behavioral clinical or counseling psychology.,

Matthew Normand, PhD, BCBA-D - Behavioral Psychology
Carolynn Kohn, PhD, BCBA-D - Behavioral Clinical Psychology
Scott Jensen, PhD - Child Clinical Psychology

We provide many opportunities for students wishing to significantly improve their chances of acceptance into doctoral programs, including:

  1. Research opportunities with one or more faculty listed above

Many doctoral programs are seeking students with research experience, and such experience is emphasized in our program

  1. Empirical thesis work

Designing and completing one's own research topic for your Masters thesis is another mark of the kind of research competence that doctoral programs are seeking.

  1. Teaching Assistant experiences for a variety of courses including:

Experimental Psychology, Statistics, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Introduction to Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Physiological Psychology, Social Psychology and Abnormal Psychology

Since many doctoral programs support students who are working as TAs, such experience in our program increases a student's attractiveness to doctoral programs.

  1. Supervision of undergraduates in applied settings

Having experience with supervision increases competitiveness for doctoral programs and for jobs to help provide financial support and applied experience during doctoral work.

Each year, our students present research at regional and national conferences including: the Association for Behavior Analysis International, Western Psychological Association, California Association for Behavioral Analysis, and Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.