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The Psychology Club 

The Psychology Club, advised by Dr. Carolynn Kohn, is devoted to supporting the interest of students pursuing a major or minor in Psychology.

Psychology students clowning around at the ice cream social

Psychology students clowning around at the ice cream social

The club maintains a friendly environment, ensuring that all members' voices are nurtured, and fosters a spirit of fun!

Members participate in a variety of events ranging from game nights to ice cream socials (where information about professors and future goals are discussed), to opportunities to learn about and participate in a variety of research experiences.

Other events include community service projects such as food drives and "Adopt a Family."

Learn more from the Psychology Department Facebook page.

Scholarly Activities

Psychology Students

Our students enjoy camaraderie on the academic front as well. They often attend conferences—at Pacific and away—or participate in research teams. (Learn more from our Research page.)

This photo is from one of our end-of-the-semester poster sessions for Behavior Change and Experimental Psychology. In this course, students do a research project as a group under the supervision of graduate students, and they display their research to fellow classmates and professors at the poster session.

Career and Grad School Nights

To assist students with the wide array of career and graduate school options available to them, the Psychology Department holds a "What Can I Do With a B.A. in Psychology?" event each spring semester.

At this event students learn what career possibilities are available for graduates with B.A.s in Psychology and how to find out about specific opportunities.

Each fall semester the department hosts a "How to Apply to Graduate School" event to help students in being competitive graduate school applicants.

Senior Award Night

At the end of each year, the Psychology Department hosts a Senior Award Night to celebrate our accomplished new graduates. The awards given out include:

  • Outstanding Student in Psychology
  • Undergraduate Research Award
  • Undergraduate Applied Psychology Award