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Degree Programs

(The content posted here may not be up to date. Please see the latest General Catalog for current degree requirements.)

The Religious Studies Major
The Religious Studies Minor
The Classical Studies Minor
The Self-Designed Major
The Liberal Studies Major
Ancient Studies Minor

The Religious Studies Major

The Religious Studies major requires 40 academic units of credit.

Four departmental courses are required, as is a "collateral" course from outside the Department. (See the Department for a current list of approved collateral courses.)

This collateral course and the remaining departmental courses are chosen in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor.

Various emphases are possible (e.g., Asian religions, Bible, Ethics, and Greco-Roman world).

The required courses are:

RELI 23 Hebrew Bible or RELI 25 New Testament and Christian Origins
RELI 34 Introduction to Religion
CLAS 51 Classical Mythology, and
RELI 196 Religious Studies Seminar

The Religious Studies Minor

A minor in Religious Studies requires a minimum of 20 units in the Department:

RELI 23 Hebrew Bible or RELI 25 New Testament and Christian Origins
RELI 34 Introduction to Religion
RELI 134 World Religions
Two Religious Studies electives.

Note: No more than four units will be accepted as transfer units in completing the minor.

The Classical Studies Minor

The minor in Classical Studies requires the following core courses:

A course in language (GREK 11a, LATN 11a, or LATN 151)
A course in Classical Mythology (CLAS 51 or CLAS 115)

Students will also complete three courses from the list below of Classics in English courses, or may substitute courses in Greek and Latin.

CLAS 100 or 102 (History)
CLAS 110 or 112 (Literature in Translation)
CLAS 120 or 122 (Sexuality)
CLAS 130 or 132 (Art and Architecture)
CLAS / GREK / LATN 191 (Independent Study)
CLAS 193 (Special Topics)

Self-Designed Major

Students may tailor their own degree program by using the university's self-designed major option.

Examples of self-designed majors in our department include Classics, Bioethics, and East Asian Studies.

The Liberal Studies Major

Designed for students seeking a diversified major program within College of the Pacific, the Liberal Studies Major includes a breadth requirement, core major requirements, and a disciplinary or interdisciplinary concentration.

The major requires a minimum of 12 courses that fulfill all the requirements of the general education program, and 11 courses that satisfy core major requirements and those of a disciplinary or interdisciplinary concentration, for a total of 23 courses and 82 units.

These 23 courses include the fulfillment of all general education requirements.

Area I: Language Arts (five courses, minimum 18 units)
Area II: Mathematics/Science (four courses, minimum 16 units)
Area III: Humanities/Social Studies (seven courses, minimum 23 units)
Area IV: Performing Arts (three courses, minimum 11 units)
Area V: Pacific Seminar (one course, minimum 3 units)
Area VI: Concentration (three or more courses, minimum 11 units)

Concentrations are currently available in:

Anthropology, Art (History), Art (Studio), Asian Language and Studies, Classics, Communication, Computer Science, French, General Science, Health Science, History, Language Arts, Life Science, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physical Science, Religious Studies, Social Science, Sociology, Spanish, Theatre Arts.

Contact Email Link for Degree Program Inquiries Professor Martha Bowsky for more information.

The Ancient Studies Minor

Students must complete a minimum of 20 units with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn a minor in ancient studies.

Minor Requirements:

Select one of the follow classical mythology courses (4):
CLAS 51: Classical Mythology
CLAS 115: Topics in Mythology and Religion

Select one of the following ancient history courses (4):
CLAS 100: Hisotry of Ancient Greece
CLAS 102: History of Ancient Rome
RELI 102: History of Ancient Egypt and the Near East
RELI 126: Ancient Israel in Its Historical Context

Select one of the following ancient literature courses (4):
CLAS 110: Reading Greek Literature in English
CLAS 112: Reading Roman Literature in English
RELI 23: Hebrew Bible
RELI 25: New Testiment and Christian Origins
Or another course by permission of the department chair

Two electives from CLAS, GREK, HBRW, LATN, RELI and/or MATH 164 (8)