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Religious Studies
Wendell Phillips Center 151
Beth Moreno
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Our Faculty

Our faculty members are scholars who cover a broad range of topics in their teaching and research, including:

  • American religious culture
  • Eastern and Western religious and spiritual traditions
  • Ethical issues of contemporary life (e.g., biotechnology and ethics)
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Media and religion
  • The interface of politics and religion, contemporary and ancient
  • Classic religious, spiritual, philosophical, mythological, magical, and political texts from Chinese, Sanskrit, Hebrew, cuneiform, Greek and Latin sources
  • Archaeological artifacts from the ancient world

Faculty Books

The books featured here were authored by Religious & Classical Studies faculty members.

Contemporary Bioethics Secrecy and the Gods Monastic Bodies
Ludlul bel nemeqi Religions and Missionaries around the Pacific, 1500-1900. Author: Tanya Storch Japan Under Snow. Author: Tanya Storch