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Religious Studies
Wendell Phillips Center 151
Beth Moreno
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

George Randels

My teaching philosophy in a nutshell is the pursuit of excellence. By excellence, I mean the continuing development of skills like writing and critical thinking, deepening of knowledge of a particular subject area, improved ability to articulate one's own views, and greater appreciation of complexity and diverse perspectives. I firmly believe that education enhances life and is intrinsically valuable, in addition to the extrinsic benefits that it provides.

In my classes, I utilize cases, films, novels, current events, and experiential learning to supplement classic and contemporary texts. In the classroom, I mix standard lecture with interactive lecture, and the discussion of texts, cases, and films. My assignments, including exam essay questions, typically ask students relate course material to real world events when possible, and to engage in critical thinking rather than merely regurgitation. I ask students not only to demonstrate knowledge of course material, but also to interact with it.

George Randels
Religious and Classical Studies
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