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Religious Studies
Wendell Phillips Center 151
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Caroline T. Schroeder

Carrie Schroeder






Associate Professor, Religious and Classical Studies
Director, the Humanities Center

As a scholar of early Christianity, I explore the ways in which Christianity evolved in contact and conflict with other religious traditions and communities. Both my research and my courses engage questions about the roles of orthodoxy, politics, social status, gender, and sexuality in the religions of the Roman and early Medieval/Byzantine worlds.

Religious studies and ancient studies are dynamic and exciting fields in which to be a scholar and a student. I urge my students to bring to the classroom the same questions and approaches that I bring to my own research.

My primary area of research is early Christian monasticism and asceticism, with a particular interest in Egypt.  I'm the author of Monastic Bodies (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007) and several articles. My current projects are a book on children, entitled Monks and Their Children:  Family and Childhood in Early Egyptian Monasticism, and an online digital research platform, Coptic SCRIPtorIuM (Sahidic Corpus Research: Internet Platform for Interdisciplinary multilayer Methods).

I teach courses in New Testament, the history of Christianity, women and religion, Greek Language, and ancient Egyptian religion.  Syllabi and course information are on my Webpage.  My courses:

  • are multidisciplinary, including literature, history, art, archaeology, film, and more, because the study of religion is inherently multidisciplinary
  • empower students to be not merely consumers of information but also producers of knowledge, by incorporating student-initiated projects and activities
  • deeply engage primary sources in order to provide a critical, analytical, and historical study of religion.
  • require attention to different theoretical approaches to religious studies, because there are many ways to understand how religion "works" in culture and history
  • address the challenges of understanding antiquity in a world oriented to the present by exploring historical continuities between the past and the present, as well as by interrogating modern concepts (such as gender, social class, race, etc.) by examining the past

For more information, please visit my Webpage.

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Caroline (Carrie) T. Schroeder

Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies
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