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Religious Studies
Wendell Phillips Center 151
Beth Moreno
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Outstanding Students

At the end of the year, the Department of Religious Studies in the College of the Pacific honors a truly exceptional student or group of students with the Outstanding Student Award. This award is given to students who have not only earned a consistently high academic record, but who have also been actively involved in the discipline through activities, research, or special projects.


Ziadelyn MercadoZiadelyn Mercado

Ziadelyn Mercado is a double major in Religious Studies and Psychology. She is an active member of Multicultural Affairs and participates in Tea with the Women's Resource Center, Talk Better Together, and Soul Food. In studying religion, she hopes to gain a better understanding of the different kinds of religious and belief systems. Learn more about Ziadelyn>>






Eighmee FerrillEighmee Ferrill

Eighmee Ferrill is graduating with a BA in Religious Studies. She completed her degree while working for the University of the Pacific full-time. Studying religion contributed to Eighmee's greater understanding of the world's diverse peoples and improved her ability to critically analyze a variety of issues. Learn more about Eighmee>>





Meet Our Outstanding 2013 Graduate

Scott began his education in the school of life, working as a small engine repair man in and right after high school for a couple of years. Then he delivered and installed appliances for Lowes home improvement stores for four years. After an injury, Scott began taking classes at San Joaquin Delta Community College, while also working in Lodi School District's Special Education Program as a paraeducator. 

Scott transferred to Pacific from Delta in the Fall of 2011 and declared himself a Religious Studies major. Scott's work in the classroom exemplified curiosity, intellectual rigor, self-awareness, and humility, all of which characterize great scholar-teachers. 

Scott has applied for a Fulbright/ Hellenic American Educational Foundation Fellowship to teach English in Greece for a year. His application has made it to the last stage of consideration in the acceptance process, and we all anxiously and hopefully await to hear of its acceptance very soon. 

Scott will apply to graduate programs in religion in the near future with plans ultimately to teach at a community college.