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Wendell Phillips Center, Second Floor
Susan Mitchell
Administrative Assistant
3611 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Discover Sociology

Naveed Ahmed and Bill Clinton
Naveed Ahmed ('13) met with Bill Clinton during the Clinton Global Initiative University conference. Naveed and Chad Fraga ('14) received funding to attend the conference from the Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and while there procured funding to set up a mentoring program for Stockton youth.

The Sociology department at Pacific offers classes in a broad range of subjects. In addition to core major courses, there are courses that focus on culture, health, food and gender.

Examples of some of the topics our classes examine include:

  • The social and political implications of gender differences in America
  • The impacts of prejudice and racism on our society
  • The ways in which individual identities are shaped by the social world around us
  • The ways our food preferences are shaped by politics, economics and culture.

Research Opportunities

Many students develop their own independent research projects and present their results at conferences on and off campus. Recent student work has touched on topics ranging from the effects of Barbie dolls on young girls' self esteem to understanding the needs and desires of low-income residents of South Stockton. The opportunity to work independently with faculty is rarely offered by larger programs at other institutions. 

Real-World Experience

Our Sociology majors are expected to be involved in "experiential learning"--usually off campus-where they intern with professionals in related fields including social work, law, veterans' services and criminal justice. These internships help students to better define their career goals, and sometimes even lead to employment in their chosen fields!

University and Community Involvement

Our students are very active in campus and community organizations, enriching their experience as Sociology majors. Two recent alums, Brandie Spencer ('11) and Gwendolyn Primous ('13), have each founded non-profit organizations working with Stockton youth. Several more alums have developed such a strong affiliation with student life that they have gone on to careers in student affairs!