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Online Resources

The following links provide detailed information for students interested in learning more about sociology as a discipline and what sociologists do with their training. Even as undergraduates, our sociology students are encouraged to present papers at conferences and make connections with other sociology students, professors and practitioners.

American Sociological Association

The American Sociological Association is the largest professional organization for sociologists in the United States. This is the best place to start to get a sense of what sociologists do, the latest trends in the field, historical information, upcoming conferences, presentation and publication opportunities for students and funding opportunities for graduate school (American Sociological Association).

There are over 30 sections of ASA, offering students, faculty and practitioners the opportunity to specialize in an area or two of interest to them. Membership in a section allows sociologists within a subfield to communicate with each other, share ideas, network with each other, provide career advice and share funding opportunities with students and faculty. A complete list of sections can be found at the American Sociological Association.

Some sections that may be of interest to incoming students are:

External link Community and Urban Section of ASA
External link Crime, Law and Deviance Section of ASA
External link Education Section of ASA
External link Environment & Technology Section of ASA
External link Race and Ethnicity Section of ASA
External link Gender and Sexuality Section of ASA

Pacific Sociological Association

External link
The mission of the Pacific Sociological Association is to advance scholarly research on all social processes and areas of social life, to promote high quality teaching of sociological knowledge, and to mentor the next generation of sociologists.

California Sociological Association

External link
The goals of California Sociological Association are to promote the scientific study of society among interested persons within the state of California, to stimulate discussion and encourage cooperative relations among persons engaged in the scientific study of society, and to further the aims of instruction, practice and research in sociology.

Links to Pacific Programs of Interest to Sociology Students

At Pacific, many of our students minor in programs that relate to the core curriculum offered to Sociology majors. The Gender Studies Program and Ethnic Studies Program are among the most popular minors chosen by sociology students. These programs provide a cohesive, well-rounded interdisciplinary curriculum for students seeking a strong liberal arts education.

The Pre-Law program also attracts our majors who are interested in learning about law and policy.
Sociology students also work with staff and faculty at the Jacoby Center for Public Service and Civic Leadership on community-based projects. Others earn a minor in the helping professions by taking classes offered through the Jacoby Center.

Finally, we have seen an increase in students who choose to either double major in Psychology or do a major-minor combination.

Any of these options are natural additions to a sociology major program, depending on student interests.