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Wendell Phillips Center, Second Floor
Susan Mitchell
Administrative Assistant
3611 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Sociology Faculty

Email Link for Alison Alkon Alison Alkon, 2008, Assistant Professor; B.A., Emory University, 1999; M.A., University of California, Davis, 2003; Ph.D., University of California, Davis, 2008.
Web page - Phone: 209.946.2930 - Office: Wendell Phillips Center 206

Areas of Interest and Expertise: Environmental sociology, inequality, food studies
Dr. Alkon's current research examines how racial and economic inequalities affect access to local sustainably grown food. She is the editor of the book Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class and Sustainability (MIT Press, 2011) and has had several articles published on food issues.

Email Link for Marcia Hernandez Marcia Hernandez, 2005, Associate Dean, College of the Pacific; B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, 1994; Certificate in Women and Public Policy, University at Albany, 1999; Ph.D., University at Albany-SUNY, 2007. Web page - Phone: 209.946.2100 - Office: Wendell Phillips Center 117

Areas of Interest and Expertise: Race and ethnicity, gender, popular culture, education, black Greek-letter organizations
Dr. Hernandez is currently focusing on research projects in two areas: black Greek-letter organizations framed within the context of sociology of culture, race, gender and class scholarship; and exploring quality of life issues, political engagement and community involvement in the Central Valley.

Email Link for Alison Alkon Susan Mannon, 2013; B.A., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 1996; M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2003. 
Web page - Phone: 209.946.2925 - Office: Wendell Phillips Centers 200

Areas of Interest and Expertise: Sex and gender, work and globalization, international development and migration
Dr. Mannon has done research on gender, work, and development in various international contexts including Kenya, Costa Rica, and Morocco.  She has had several articles published on women's work in the global economy and its effects on marital and household dynamics.

Email Link for Ethel G. Nicdao Ethel G. Nicdao, 2007, Assistant Professor and department chair; B.A., University of California, Davis, 1994; M.A., California State University, Hayward, 2001; Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 2006.
Web page - Phone: 209.946.2931 - Office: Wendell Phillips Center 208

Areas of Interest and Expertise: Research about social inequalities among underserved groups, specifically regarding health impact to racial and ethnic minorities
Dr. Nicdao's publications have focused on the mental health issues of Asian Americans. She gained research training in medical sociology as a postdoctoral research fellow with the University of Michigan's NIMH Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Disparities in Mental Health Training Program.

Adjunct Faculty

Email Link for Paul Burke Tenisha L. Tevis, Director of the Educational Resource Center (ERC) and Assistant Professor in the Benerd School of Education; B.A., California State University, Sacramento, 1999; M.A. 2002; Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, 2007.
Web page - Phone: 209.946.3218 - Office: McCaffrey Center 113

Email Link for Paul Burke Paul Burke, 2002, B.A. University of California, San Diego, 1988; J.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1992; Doctoral Candidate, University of California, Davis.
Phone: 209.946.2895 - Office: Wendell Phillips Center 200

Email Link for Marcia Hernandez Leisa Faulkner, BA and MA Sacramento State University, Photography and Sociology
Phone: 209 946-2285 - Office: Wendell Phillips Center 200

Email Link for Marcia Hernandez Jonathan Lund, JD, Monterey College of Law, BA in Criminal Justice, University of Nevada
Phone: 209 946-2285

Visiting Faculty

Email Link for Marcia Hernandez Joan Meyers, 2013. B.A. (English), 1988; M.A. (Women Studies),1999; M.A. (Sociology), University of California, Davis; Ph.D. (Sociology), University of California, Davis, 2009.

Emeriti Faculty

Roy Childs, 1973, Professor Emeritus – 2008; B.S., University of Denver, 1963; MBA, 1964; M.A., Stanford University, 1970; Ph.D., 1973.

Mamie Darlington
, 1992, Professor Emeritus – 2005; B.A. Spelman College; MSW, Atlanta University, 1960; Ph.D., Georgia State, 1986.

George H. Lewis, 1970, Professor Emeritus - 2013; B.A., Bowdoin College, 1965; M.A., University of Oregon, 1968; Ph.D., 1970. Member, Phi Beta Kappa.

John C. Phillips, 1976, Professor Emeritus – 2008; B.A., San Jose State College, 1963; M.A., 1965; Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1974. 

Patricia Y. Wagner, 1962, Professor Emeritus – 1981

Harvey R. Williams, 1977, Professor Emeritus – 2005; B.A. University of California, Berkeley, 1963; M.A. Vanderbilt University, 1970; Ph.D., 1977.