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Wendell Phillips Center, Second Floor
Susan Mitchell
Administrative Assistant
3611 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Marcia Hernandez's Biography
I came to the University of the Pacific from Los Angeles (born and raised) by way of Albany, New York, it's a long story. The short version is that during my undergraduate years at UC Santa Barbara the graduate teaching assistants and faculty encouraged me to attend graduate school away from California to "get a feel for another part of the country." Living in four seasons is a wonderful experience but as recent transplant from Upstate New York, I am happy to be living once again in a place where winter is optional!

I am slowly learning my way around the Central Valley of California and the ways of Stocktonians. In my new environment I continue to be amazed at the complications and challenges of social inequalities as well as how individuals and groups consistently find ways to fight and cope with social injustices. Working at Pacific has broadened my research interests to new, emerging fields of inquiry such as quality of life issues and the scholarship of teaching and learning. I am appreciative of the opportunities available to me at Pacific, including the privileged position to research and teach in one of the most diverse, rapidly changing regions in the nation.