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What to do with an Art degree?

"After graduating from Pacific I have had the fortune of working for clients such as Apple, Google, HP, Cisco, GE, Chevron, Adobe, and others. I treasure my way of thinking, my designs and the spark of creativity that started my career as a designer.” Anish Bhasin
B.F.A. Graphic Design, 2005
Self-employed Graphic Designer

A growing public acknowledgment of the value of the arts in commerce and society have profoundly transformed the entrepreneurial and employment opportunities for studio artists and graphic designers.

The faculty encourages students to plan their career and to make participation in undergraduate research and internship programs part of their academic learning. Many of our students also complete graduate studies before entering the field.

Here are just a few examples of the diverse career options available to Visual Arts students.

Art and Design
Advertising Artist
Advertising Art Director
Art Historian
Art Conservator
Medical Illustrator
Graphic Designer
Web Site Designer
Commercial Printer
Film Editor
Production Designer
Set Designer
Interior Designer
Landscape Designer
Furniture Designer
Jewelry Designer
Textile Designer
Fashion Designer
Television Graphic Designer
Package Designer
Multi-media Specialist
Animation artists
Sculptor/Public Artist
Custom Framer

Art Education
Art Professor
K–12 Art Teacher
Art Administrator

Museums and Galleries
Museum Curator
Public Relations Officer
Exhibit Designer
Art Consultant

Photographer Editor

Art Supply Store Manager
Auction Gallery: Information Coordinator, Publicist, Customer Service