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Trent Burkett

Visual Arts Faculty Trent BurkettTeaching Philosophy

Teaching at a Liberal Arts College means working with students from various disciplines. It is important to give all students an equal opportunity to absorb and be engaged with a course of study, even if it may be the only time they will take an arts course in college.  In a Studio Art Course, the main objective is to give the student some experience in understanding the way they problem solve.  This understanding will be relevant at any time in their lives and applicable to other disciplines.  I am fascinated with the kind of dialogue that can be achieved across areas of study. The broad perspective in thinking and problem solving amongst a diverse group of students can make projects and critical discussions more engaging for all.  This open environment for exchanging information makes for productive time in the studio and provides the students the opportunity to view their peers and instructor in a more personal manner.  

The Studio Art Program at University of the Pacific is designed to provide students the skills and experience needed to enter into the professional field of Art.  The 3-D program offers a focus into the techniques, concepts, and critical modes of 3- Dimensional art forms.  The program offers an interdisciplinary approach where students can experiment with multiple media.  The goal is to prepare students with a cohesive portfolio of work  for entry into an arts related profession or careers where critical thinking and communication skills are required.  


Trent Burkett is a sculptor and professor of art. He is currently Full Professor of Ceramics and Sculpture and Chair of the Department of Visual Art at University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA. Burkett was born in San Bernardino ,CA in 1970.  He was raised all over the US, yet has spent a majority of his life in Sacramento, CA.  He completed his MFA in Ceramics at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, and his MA and BA at Sacramento State University, CA.

Burkett has established himself as a nationally exhibiting artist based in the California Central Coast, where he currently lives and maintains a studio.  He continues to build on his current successes in teaching, creative research, and sharing his creative work with a vigilant audience.

One can view his work at JayJay Gallery, Sacramento, CA and The Signature Shop and Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
You can also view his work at www.trent-burkett.com.

Artwork by Trent Burkett

Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Trent Burkett     Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Trent Burkett

Courses Taught
ARTS 009, Principles of 3-D Design
ARTS 035, Ceramics
ARTS 037, Sculpture
ARTS 133, 3-D Studio I
ARTS 135, 3-D Studio II
ARTS 193C, Pre-Dental Ceramics

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Trent Burkett
Department of Visual Arts
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