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Daniel Kasser

Teaching Philosophy
Visual Arts Faculty Daniel Kasser
Teaching is my faith and investment in the next generation, an opportunity to ignite the future. In my role as professor/academic advisor, I emphasize a systemic and inter-disciplinary approach to studying art and photography during our students' formative careers here at Pacific. I prepare projects that introduce multiple levels of understanding and skill-development: a clear picture of photography's objective and subjective potential; and projects that are worthy of their time investment and their portfolio.


Daniel Kasser's development as a visual artist is, as most are, a complex evolution that reflects his formative experiences, education and diverse interests. His interest in the environmental and technological history of the landscape and the American west has provided the subject and subject matter for his work as a photographer for two decades.

Daniel's photographic style has evolved from a West coast, Northern California modernism, exemplified by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, toward a pictorial approach that is unique among contemporary photographers. Critics have identified Kasser's photographs as "constructed realities" and invocations of myth, comedy and tragedy unfolding on the American Western landscape heavily reshaped by technological innovation.

In Kasser's recent works, The Western Technosites, he summons and orchestrates photography's verisimilitude, and through them, our expectations and perceptions of landscape photography and the American West. Kasser uses the constructed photograph to interpret the landscape and reveal an evocative symbolic terrain. Within the Technosites Kasser amplifies commonplace artifacts, calling upon us to consider the monumental and continual impact that these objects have had upon the appearance and ecology of the western landscape.

Daniel received his Master of Fine Arts in photography from the University of New Mexico and completed undergraduate studies at Humboldt State University and Shasta College in Northern California.  He joined the faculty at the University of the Pacific in 1985 teaching photography, printmaking and studio art seminars.  A largely unknown part of his work has been devoted to a longitudinal document of Stockton and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta region were he lives. He has conducted public workshops teaching several aspects of digital photography and his gelatin-silver printing/toning techniques; he has undertaken historically related consultation and photographic archive projects; and he has curated and juried several exhibitions of visual art and photography within the Northern California region.

Daniel's photographs are held by numerous private and public collections. He is a member of the Viewpoint Gallery Sacramento, CA and the Knowlton Gallery Lodi, CA. where examples of his work can be viewed and purchased. Inquiries from this site will be directed to the artist.
You can visit Dan's Web Site: http://www.Danielkasser.com/

Artwork by Daniel Kasser

Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Daniel Kasser
Western Technosites

Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Daniel KasserWestern Technosites


Visual Arts Faculty Daniel Kasser publication Downtown Stockton,
Arcadia Publishing,
 Visual Arts Faculty Daniel Kasser publication Stockton Then & Now,
Arcadia Publishing,

Courses Taught
ARTS 007, Principles of 2-D Design and Color
ARTS 045, Digital Photography
ARTS 059, Printmaking I
ARTS 141, Photography II
ARTS 143, Photography III
ARTS 151, Printmaking II
ARTS 153, Printmaking III
ARTS 183, Studio Art Seminar II
ARTS 185, Studio Art Seminar III

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Daniel Kasser
Department of Visual Arts
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