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Lucinda Kasser

Visual Arts Faculty Lucinda Kasser

Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher of art in a liberal arts context  it is my goal to help students develop, through direct experiences in art, a set of skills, sensibilities, and understandings that enhance their ability to create meaning. It is also my intention to promote behaviors basic to the creative problem solving process, including an ability to focus, a tolerance of uncertainty, an appreciation of complexity, a spirit of experimentation, and courage to take their own thoughts, intuitions and solutions seriously.

Visual art is a mode of communication that takes many forms, is utilized for many diverse reasons and is present in a variety of contexts. It can be a means of knowing and of understanding the world in all of its splendor as well as its depravity. It is a realm in which human intellect and emotion are equally and,ideally, reciprocally engaged. Akin to verbal language, yet unique in form and transmission, the visual arts can be used to record, to decorate, to inform, to conceptualize, to inspire, to lament, to manipulate, and to provide catharsis. As an art educator it is my charge to facilitate the development of students artistic literacy, promoting their own abilities to express a broad range of ideas through visual art as well as their ability to interpret the expressions of others.


I have been teaching at the University of the Pacific since 1987. It has been a fabulous place to grow as a teacher, an artist, and a member of the university community.  I have benefited tremendously from the intellectual and artistic stimulation of my colleagues and students. While not a native of California, it is definitely my artistic home. I derive great inspiration from the fertile landscape and the produce of our region.

With the encouragement of department colleagues, I joined the resurgent Plein-Air painting movement in 2000. The multi-sensory experience of painting outdoors, the smell of dry grass, the feel of warm breezes, the variety of birds' songs inspire me to create paintings in celebration of the land.  This work has led to commissions for large-scale public paintings(created in the studio) as well as opportunities to travel to many parts of the United States to paint and exhibit with fellow artists.
Learn more about Lucinda Kasser's commissioned Mural at Lodi Memorial Hospital in this Pacific News article.

Artwork by Lucinda Kasser

Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Lucinda Kasser
Delta Harvest: Sunrich Gold and Gerber Daisy
Oil on Canvas
10" x 8"

Artwork by Visual Arts Faculty Lucinda Kasser
Delta Harvest: Bowl Full of Cherries
Oil on Linen,
9" x 12"

Courses Taught
ARTS 005, Drawing
ARTS 007, Two-Dimensional Design and Color
ARTS 021, Life Drawing I
ARTS 023, Painting I
ARTS 057, Watercolor Painting

ARTS 121, Life Drawing II
ARTS 123, Painting II
ARTS 125, Painting III

ARTS 185, Art Studio Senior Seminar III

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Lucinda Kasser
Associate Professor
Department of Visual Arts
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website:  www.lucindakasser.com