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Winner of 2nd Artist Series wine label Anneka Weinert '17
Winner of 2nd Artist Series wine label Anneka Weinert '17

Student Designed Label Soars to the Clouds

When Lodi Winery, Borra Vineyards released their spring white wines this last April, one of their newest additions was the Artists Series Nuvola (Italian for cloud) featuring label artwork created by Pacific freshman Anneka Weinert.

Borra's Artist Series label design is a local on-going collaboration with Pacific's Visual Arts students on the Stockton campus. For a second year in a row Borra's winemaker Marcus Niggli and Visiting Lecturer Michael E. Leonard organized a label artwork design competition with the students in Leonard's illustration class.

Borra Artist Series label competition "This year I asked the students to draw from their heart and to be inspired by the name "Nuvola" and its origin. One freshman student, Anneka Weinert stood out to me, because while other students pulled out their laptops to create, she pulled out her sketchbook and started to draw. The final product took only minor tweaking, and I'm very excited about the end result," shared Niggli.

In addition to having her label artwork in print, Anneka also received a cash prize for her winning design.
Borra Vineyards is located at 1301 East Armstrong Road in Lodi, California. 
  Borra's Marcus Niggli

 Art from Collaboration with OIT

Visual Art Students Continue Collaboration with Pacific's OIT

In what is quickly becoming an annual tradition, Visual Arts students in Visiting Lecturer Ilena Finocchi-Wilson's sculpture class converted a pile of computer parts from the Office of Information Technology's Recycle Bin into a visual lesson in physics. The challenge: Create a work of art that demonstrates one or more of the five physical forces: Compression, Tension, Bending, Torque and Sheer.
This is the second year instructor Finocchi-Wilson's class collaborated with OIT for a creative approach to recycling old computers. OIT supplied the recycled materials and contributed to the cost of adhesives and supplies. The outcome was seven creative sculptures, including an apple, a tornado and a brain.
Read this Pacific News article to learn more about the collaborative project with OIT.

Art Students Mural Project for Heinz Labs

The Art of Research: Students create Murals for new Heinz Labs

Jonel Imutan '13, Karen Obligacion '13, Alexis Ortega '15, Francisco Gallardo '12, and Dante Pasquini '16, Visual Arts, were contracted by the Heinz North America Corporation to produce a cycle of four mural paintings to be installed in its newly constructed Research and Development Labs in Stockton. The students, all from the greater Stockton community, were selected for their ability to conduct historical research and their outstanding skills in realist and portrait painting. Professors Lucinda Kasser and Dan Kasser, Visual Arts, were the supervising faculty on the project.

Calliope cover 2013

Calliope Literary and Arts Magazine

Calliope is the Literary and Arts magazine of Pacific. It is produced by the Humanities Center, through the collaborative efforts of students from the English and Visual Arts Departments under the mentorship of Professors Courtney Lehmann (English) and Brett DeBoer (Visual Arts).Visual and literary artworks produced by students are juried for inclusion in the publication by a student editorial staff. In addition, the magazine itself is entirely created and designed by students of graphic design and printed locally. The final results are unveiled each spring. Learn more this collaboration and the student-produced, award winning literary and arts magazine.
Calliope website link to external website http://pacificalliope.wordpress.com

How do you create 3-dimension form from recycled computer parts?

Visual Arts Visiting Lecturer Ilena Finocchi Wilson assigned her Arts 37 students to build a sculpture out of soon-to-be recycled computer drives and auxiliary materials. The goal: to show impact of technology from their own perspective and to exhibit the power and content that comes from using recycled materials.
With PC and Mac computer parts donated by Pacific's OIT, this in-class assignment allowed students to experiment building with the actual materials. While the digital age may have changed the way we can experience the world, the students hope their sculptures will give you a new perspective on the way you look at technology. The nine sculptures are on display through the end of the Fall 2012 semester at the Office of Information Technology main offices at 1776 March Lane. Read this Pacific News article  to learn more about the collaborative project with OIT.
Photographs by Eric Koester, B.F.A. Studio Art '13

Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012
 Liliana Nunez
Junior, B.A. Art
Fish in Technology
Maurelle Bagus
Senior, B.F.A. Studio Art

Yun Chang
Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry

Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012
Selwyn Lehman
Junior, Computer Science

New Natrual

Pablo Magana
Junior, B.F.A. Studio Art


Ariel Ochoa
Freshman, B.F.A. Studio Art


Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012 Sculpture and OIT project Fall 2012
Wilson Zhu
Sophomore, Civil Engineering

Modern Rotary Phone

Tiffany Khauv, Senior, Philosophy, Economics &
Vickie Nguyen
, Senior, Pharmacy

Global Conquest
Daniel Villasenor
Junior, Sociology

The Transporter

Seng Moua (B.F.A. Graphic Design) wins label contest

Illustration Class collaboration with local business offers opportunity for Student Artist

In the fall of 2012, Borra Vineyard's winemaker Markus Niggli contacted Pacific's Department of Visual Arts with the idea of an Artist Series that would feature a student-designed wine label. Working with Niggli, visiting Visual Arts Lecturer Michael Leonard brought this artwork competition to his illustration students as a way to deliver real world practice to the classroom.
After considering all the student work, Markus Niggli chose graphic design student Sheng Moua's submission as the winner. In addition to winning a cash prize, her label went to print this spring.

Plans are for this collaboration with Pacific to continue and make this Artist Series an annual event.
Read more about this collaboration and the student artist in this Pacific News article.

Student Clubs

Studio 1091 Student 3D Club 3D Studio Club

Studio 1091, Pacific's 3D media art club, revolves around the idea of making art first. The club is also involved in attending and/or hosting lectures, workshops, and sales. We hope to create an atmosphere of creativity and enthusiasm for the arts. The club is not exclusive to art majors. It is a way for those pursuing a career other than art to have a place to be creative. Advanced students are available to assist during the lab hours and group demos.

For more information check out this club's facebook page.

Graphic Design
Visual Arts AIGA

The Visual Arts Department hosts Pacific's student chapter of AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts. AIGA is a national nonprofit educational organization, which supports the interests of professionals, educators and students who are engaged in the process of designing. Pacific's student group is a part of the San Francisco Chapter of AIGA. Students attend professional events such as lectures, shows and competitions. For more information see the AIGA San Francisco—Student Group on facebook.

link to external websiteFor Pacific graphic design students link to external website http://pacificgraphicdesign.word.press.

Art Students Blitz show

Blitz Shows

Student-organized Blitz exhibits allow students to showcase their work in the Reynolds Gallery for short periods of time between the standard exhibitions. Given the title "Blitz," these exhibitions are designed to encourage students to examine the standards of traditional art making and gallery exhibitions by only allowing a short time for the conception, creation and exhibition of the work. To see images of all the blitz shows please view the Reynolds Gallery facebook page.

Community and Research

Visual Arts students take part in a variety of activities on campus, within the community and regionally.

visual arts student Christine Strain at Knowlton Gallery



Christine Strain, B.F.A. Studio Art, exhibits her monotypes of birds
created in Printmaking III at the Knowlton Gallery in Lodi California.


Ivan Rocha, Lauren Friedrich and David Mayman, B.F.A. Graphic Design majors


Ivan Rocha, Lauren Friedrich and David Mayman, B.F.A. Graphic Design majors, recently won awards in Flux Design, a national design competition in Fredrick, Md., sponsored by the American Institute for Graphic Artists. The competition included over 500 entries from universities and art schools across the country.

Visual Arts students attending NCUR



Visual Arts students attending the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.