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Growing Interest

Jun 9, 2009

Nabeel Cajee
Nabeel Cajee at AgroXXI’s school in Bolivia

Never one to sit still, Pacific student Nabeel Cajee, who just finished his sophomore year, is spending the summer interning and researching in South America.

For eight weeks, Nabeel will intern and teach with AgroXXI, an NGO (non-governmental organization) in southern Bolivia that is dedicated to improving the lives of rural populations in the region by supporting small producers and educating them about how they can work together in cooperatives. The goal is to help farmers take greater advantage of their land and skills in order to better sustain themselves.

Nabeel will be working at AgroXXI’s agricultural school. Some of his responsibilities include designing the school’s promotional material for a local and international audience, developing a registration system of the school’s production and infrastructure, and teaching computer skills to the students, professors and community at large.

Nabeel was selected for the internship through an Ambassador Corps Fellowship offered by Pacific’s Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship. The Ambassador Corps provides scholarships annually to students wishing to obtain international internships in the field of social entrepreneurship.

After serving with AgroXXI, Nabeel will travel to the revitalized city of Medellín, Colombia to assess recent developments supported by the Pacific Fund and the Friends of the Stockton Public Library. “I am deeply interested in the transformation of Medellín from formerly the world’s most dangerous city to one that celebrates her quality of life,” said Nabeel.

He hopes to interview Medellín’s mayor and community leaders to understand what methodology was used in the community’s transformation and how the residents interpret and relate to the changes. Nabeel has letters from Stockton Mayor Ann Johnston to give to Medellín Mayor Alonso Salazar and a letter from Stockton’s library administration for the library administration in Medellín.

Nabeel Cajee is working toward a B.S. degree in a self-designed major called Science and Conscience. He is also a fellow in Pacific’s Dental and Legal Scholars programs. Nabeel has been involved in many youth-empowerment and community causes, and is a founding member of Stockton2020—a youth-based civic advocacy group—and Stockton2020’s Libraries Change Lives Campaign, the nation’s first youth-based library advocacy movement. You can visit Nabeel Cajee’s blog covering his summer 2009 activities at

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