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Nine New Projects Underway Thanks to Pacific Fund Grants

Jun 14, 2010

Three times a year students and faculty in the College of the Pacific have the opportunity to apply for Pacific Fund grants to support a myriad of projects. Pacific Fund grants enhance learning by supporting field trips, travel related to student and faculty research, on-campus performances and guest speakers, equipment and lab supplies, and much more.

And the Winners Are...

Nine projects were selected for Pacific Fund grant support in the February-March 2010 round. The student and faculty grant recipients and their projects are listed below. You can learn more about the projects at the Pacific Fund Winners web page.

Ana Laura Gonzalez-Coria, Communication/English Student
Guatemala Immersion Program               

Stephen Lee, Modern Languages & Literature Student
SALtravelTV: Video Blog of Experience Studying Abroad in Japan and Taiwan

Ophelia Turner, Visual Arts Student
Wagashi, Ramen and More: Exploring Food and Culture in Osaka, Japan

Gesine Gerhard, History Professor and Director of the Gender Studies Program; Andreea Boboc, Professor of English
Gender, Race and Space - An Undergraduate Research Conference (Fall 2010)

Laura Rademacher, Earth & Environmental Sciences Professor; Traci Roberts-Camps, Modern Languages & Literature Professor
Human Relationships of the Natural World in the Chilean Patagonia

Paul Turpin, Communication Department Professor; Marie Hannigova, Visual Arts Professor; Lorrie Knight, Campus Librarian; Greg Joksch, Library Systems and Technology
Through the Eyes of Students: Library Learning Guides Designed by Peers

Gregg Jongeward, Biological Sciences Department Co-Chair
Developing a Pilot Peer-Based Learning Program in Principles of Biology

Deborah Schooler, Psychology Department Professor
The Psychology of Social Issues: Merging Research and Practice

Scott Jensen, Psychology Department Professor
Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: An Exploration of Reasons for Use and Non-use by Students with Disabilities              

Ophelia Turner at Tenryu-ji Temple
Ophelia Turner at Tenryu-ji Temple in Japan

Applying for a Pacific Fund Grant

The next deadline for applying for a Pacific Fund grant in the College is Friday, September 24, 2010. (Grant applications are due the last Friday in September, February and May.)

Qualifying projects will:

  • Advance the specific aims of the University's commitment to distinctiveness: investments to expand/improve existing programs; create new academic hallmarks; advance faculty teaching, scholarship and research; develop leadership, experiential learning, and international opportunities for students; promote/support student achievement.

  • Involve at least one College of the Pacific faculty or student member; projects involving more than one faculty member or student, or involving a faculty member and a student from the College are especially encouraged.

Learn more about Pacific Fund Grants in the College and details for applying for a grant.