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Pacific Fund Grant Applications Due May 28

May 1, 2010

Attending the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael to gain inspiration on green solutions...

Conducting experiments with photoelectron photoion coincidence spectroscopy at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland...

A combined fashion show and urban art exhibit at the Reynolds Gallery conceived of and carried out by students...

Hosting a hip-hop artist and medieval scholar to rap the Canterbury Tales...

Using a protein concentrator to make synthetic spider silk fibers...

What do all of these activities have in common? Aside from creating amazing learning experiences, they were all funded by Pacific Fund grants applied for through the College of the Pacific.

Field trips, travel related to student and faculty research, on-campus performances and guest speakers, equipment and lab supplies represent just some of the many ways that Pacific Fund grants enhance learning at Pacific. Students and faculty in the College of the Pacific are encouraged to apply for Pacific Fund grants that are awarded by the College in three cycles throughout the year: fall, winter and spring.

The next deadline for submitting your application is coming up soon: Friday, May 28, 2010.

To apply, download and complete the appropriate application form and submit it to Email Link for Dr. Edie Sparks Dr. Edie Sparks, Senior Associate Dean (WPC 111).

 Click here for a Student Application

 Click here for a Faculty Application


Qualifying projects will:

  • Advance the specific aims of the University's commitment to distinctiveness: investments to expand/improve existing programs; create new academic hallmarks; advance faculty teaching, scholarship and research; develop leadership, experiential learning, and international opportunities for students; promote/support student achievement.

  • Involve at least one College of the Pacific faculty or student member; projects involving more than one faculty member or student, or involving a faculty member and a student from the College are especially encouraged.

Projects must have measurable results within one academic year. In the application, the grant requester must provide clear, measurable goals and a plan for assessing the results as well as a plan for disseminating the results of the grant investment.

Student requesters must name a faculty sponsor who can comment on the scope and significance of their project. Faculty requesters must seek out a faculty member from another department in the University who is willing to serve as a "sounding board" for the project and provide feedback about the project.

Award Decisions

Pacific Fund grants will be awarded by a selection committee. Grant winners will be broadly representative of all departments and programs in the College. Multiple applications from a single department in a single cycle are unlikely to be funded. However, size of department (number of majors), as well as the type of funding sought in each application will be taken into consideration in determining whether a single department wins more than one grant. Faculty are encouraged to involve students in their projects.

Please note that Pacific Fund grants are reimbursement-based. Funds are not issued up front; rather, expenses must be documented and submitted for reimbursement.

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