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The Pacific Fund: Promoting “Distinctiveness” in the College of the Pacific

Jun 3, 2009

The Pacific Fund was created in 2008 to support faculty and student activities that convey Pacific’s distinctiveness. In particular, the funds are designed to “create stories” that communicate our distinctiveness to alumni, parents, and prospective students.

In the University’s Pacific Rising 2008-2015 document, the commitment to distinctiveness is defined as a commitment “to programs recognized for their quality, uncommonness and sustainability.” In particular, the university aims to:

  • Strengthen current and develop new academic programs of distinction through investment in existing programs, national stature for the first-professional schools and new academic hallmarks.
  • Advance faculty teaching, scholarship and research by expanding faculty development and increasing resources for scholarship and research.
  • Pursue University-wide marks of distinction, specifically in leadership development, experiential learning, international programs and student achievement.

To this end, The College of the Pacific invites applications for Pacific Fund “Distinctiveness Grants.” Qualifying Projects will:

  1. Advance the specific aims of the university’s commitment to distinctiveness as outlined above (investments to expand/improve existing programs; create new academic hallmarks; advance faculty teaching, scholarship and research; develop leadership, experiential learning, and international opportunities for students; promote/support student achievement).
  2. Provide clear, measurable goals and a plan for assessing the results.
  3. Include a plan for how to disseminate/celebrate the results of the grant investment.
  4. Involve at least one College of the Pacific faculty or student member; projects involving more than one faculty member or student or a faculty member and a student from the College are especially encouraged.
  5. Projects must have measurable results (and a “story” to tell) within one academic year.
  6. Name a faculty sponsor from another department in the university who is willing to serve as a “sounding board” for the project and outline his/her role in the creative process.
  7. No individual may win more than one grant (individually or as a member of a group application) in a single cycle.

Please submit to the Senior Associate Dean (WPC 111).

Pacific Fund grants will be awarded by a selection committee. The stories they produce will be broadly representative of all departments and programs in the College. Multiple applications from a single department in a single cycle are unlikely to be funded. However, size of department (number of majors), as well as the type of funding sought in each application (support for faculty scholarship/creative activity or teaching innovation, etc.) will be taken into consideration in determining whether a single department wins more than one grant.

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