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Kathy Giottonini
Administrative Assistant
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211


Dr. Basu Professor with student

Our faculty members have in-depth expertise covering diverse aspects of our discipline. Not only do our faculty excel in their own academic scholarship, but they also excel in imparting that knowledge to students. After all, teaching undergraduate students is our utmost priority.

You can access contact information as well as individual faculty web pages through our Directory page. Some of our faculty accomplishments, such as presentations and publications, are also highlighted in this section.

Research Interests

  • Professor Birmingham is an expert in black hole physics and aspects of the quantum mechanics of these objects, including string theories.
  • Professors Juge, Holland and Hetrick study the physics of quarks and other such subatomic particles, which are investigated at large accelerators.

These faculty members carry out very large scale simulations using some of the world's largest supercomputers to understand and predict the behavior of these particles.