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SoundImageSound 10

Call for Works

Submission Deadline (Arrival date) - Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Works may be submitted in one of two categories:

1.   Fixed Media: Video with multi-channel audio.
       Video: one or two screens
       Audio: any combination of stereo to 5.1

2.   Live Performance: Video with live acoustic instruments and/or computer music
      Video: one or two screens
      Audio: 2 or 4-channel

Submission Process

1. Complete the Submission Form and include with your composition.

2. Compositions may be submitted in one of two ways:

          ~ Mail dvd to address below with either data file or playable copy of work.

          ~ Provide a link to a site (Vimeo, Youtube, etc) where work may be reviewed.

Online submissions must be 720p or higher.

3. Submission of a live performance composition must include a performance score.

Artists whose works are selected for presentation will be required to provide a media copy
for screening.

Download Submission Form

Send dvd submissions to:
Robert Coburn
SoundImageSound 10
Conservatory - UOP
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA  USA 95211

Questions or further information contact -   Robert Coburn