Jazz Studies

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Jazz Studies Department
Patrick Langham
Director of Jazz Studies
Conservatory of Music
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

The Program

The Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies degree, with a concentration in performance or composition, is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences that Dave Brubeck and the Conservatory faculty believe to be essential to the education of the contemporary jazz musician.  At its core is a curriculum in theory, history, applied studies, and ensemble participation along with courses in general education that will assure a broad educational experience.

The jazz curriculum contains both traditional and innovative components.  The traditional include Jazz History, Jazz Theory & Aural Training, Jazz Arranging & Composition, Jazz Styles & Analysis, Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Piano, Jazz Pedagogy, and Jazz Ensemble.  The innovative is a series called Jazz Seminar & Perspectives I – IV.  These courses are designed to provide philosophical insights into various areas of jazz performance, compositional techniques, historical background, and industry issues and standards. Students will also develop research skills and build a portfolio that will include marketing materials and arrangements, compositions, and transcriptions.


All prospective students must complete the admission process to the University of the Pacific and two performance auditions.

Relationship to the Brubeck Institute

Dave Brubeck graduated from the Conservatory of Music at the College of the Pacific in 1942. On December 14, 1953, the Dave Brubeck Quartet performed and recorded what has become a classic, Jazz at the College of the Pacific.  Dave Brubeck, the legendary icon of jazz and American music, gave his entire archival collection of his life's work to the University of the Pacific in 2000.  In turn, the University created the Brubeck Institute to honor its distinguished alumnus.

Students in the jazz studies program participate in and benefit from all clinics, workshops, and other on-campus experiences provided to the Brubeck Institute's Fellowship Program. They also have access to the Brubeck Archive, and participate in the annual Brubeck Festival. Exceptional jazz studies majors will be encouraged to audition for the Fellowship Program.

The Faculty

All instruction in the jazz studies program is organized by Patrick Langham, Director of Jazz Studies. Instructors include resident faculty as well as a continually evolving array of guest artists, clinicians, and master class teachers.  Resident instructors and visiting artists will provide industry news, tips about professional performance, and survival skills for the developing artist.

Jazz Studies Minor