Senior Music Management students having a great time on a professional informational field trip to music businesses in San FranciscoProfessor Keith Hatschek instructing a Music Management courseSenior Music Management students with Prof. Hatschek visiting alum Lauren Kasper at MOG in Berkeley, CA.
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Music Management Department
Keith Hatschek
Music Management Program Director
Conservatory of Music
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

B.A. Music, Emphasis in Music Management

The B.A. in Music, Emphasis in Music Management offers the option of pursuing a degree that will allow for a broader range of course options than the B.M. in Music Management.  Within the emphasis, there are four elective ‘micro-tracks' in the areas of: record company operations, music products management, arts administration, and recording technology.  To better address individual areas of professional interest, guided or free elective course choices are offered in the following areas:

Music Theory and Composition Electives (MCOM 09-10-11 plus 6 units such as, MCOM 14, 17, 19, 111, 193 or other MCOM courses with permission of instructor)

  • Music History, Repertoire and Literature (9 units such as, MHIS 6, 11, 12, 13, 193 or other MHIS courses with permission of instructor, excepting MHIS 5)
  • Music Management Electives (6 or more units in student's selected area of interest)
  • Music Electives (4 units)
  • General Education Guided and Free Electives (16 units)

This degree prepares students for a wide range of music industry professions.  Graduates have gone on to successful careers in fields as diverse as entertainment law, copyright administration, music publishing, recording artist, staff positions at record labels, industry sales and marketing, artist management and many other areas.

All B.A., Emphasis in Music Management students are required to complete a minimum of one four-unit internship experience prior to graduation. Past internships have been hosted by a variety of entertainment firms in California, New York, and the student's home state.  Internships provide a crucial part of the program melding practical application of theories learned with exposure to the working world.

Interaction with working professionals and alumni augment faculty teaching and are another integral part of the program's success. Regular visits with practitioners, site visits to regional music businesses, and an active student-run Music Management club enhance development as a future music professional.

The Music Management program closely collaborates with Pacific's Eberhardt School of Business in curriculum development and career advising.  Students who may wish to pursue a degree in the music industry without the intensive study of music in the Conservatory may opt to enroll as a Business Major with an emphasis in Arts and Entertainment Management . This major provides access to in-school Music Management courses as well as the full range of studies in the school of business.

Program Micro-Tracks

  1. Record Company Operations – MMGT 81, Independent Label Operations and MMGT 187, Internship at Record Label
  2. Music Products Management – MMGT 140, Music Products Management and MMGT 187, Music Products Internship and NAMM Convention participation
  3. Arts Administration – MMGT 97, Performing Arts Administration and MMGT 187, Arts Administration Internship
  4. Recording Technology – MMGT 96, Commercial Music in the Recording Studio and MMGT 187, Recording Studio Internship


Besides meeting general criteria for University admission,  students planning to pursue a Music Management degree apply and audition through the Conservatory and are interviewed by a Music Management faculty member.