Music Therapy guitar classMusic Therapy student playing guitar for a classroom of childrenMusic Therapy student playing guitar at a school
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Equivalency Program Plus Master's Degree

The University of the Pacific Music Therapy Program offers the opportunity for qualified persons to enter as Certification Graduate students. 

Persons who already have an undergraduate degree and qualify to enter the Graduate School can enjoy advanced training and graduate credentials which are advantageous in a competitive health care job market. In addition, financial aid is available.

The Music Therapy Certification Graduate student first completes the Certification Program requirements. (See Certification/Equivalency Program). Depending upon the individual’s situation, some students may begin to work toward the graduate degree while completing the Certification Requirements. However, all core music therapy courses in the Master of Arts in Music Therapy Program focus on advanced clinical skills, and can only be taken after successful completion of all Certification courses and the clinical internship.

A graduate degree strengthens the ability to succeed in either private practice or in job opportunities requiring advanced clinical and administrative skills.  Learn more about the advantages and unique features of the Master of Arts in Music Therapy program.

Contact  Dr. Hsiao to address specific questions.