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A Word from the Managing Director

Since its inception, the Pacific Opera Institute has generated interest from around the globe as a program that delivers the kind of summer experience that is truly valued by the singers who attend.

What makes POI distinctive? Real life experiences, individual attention, and life long relationships. This means that you will have an intense and personalized experience that exposes you to the environment of professional opera. You will be working side by side with singers and master class instructors who have had world wide acclaim. Curriculum includes stage training classes, seminars in managing opera careers, theory, and diction classes provide you with the understanding of what it takes to make it in the complex world of opera.

Collaboration! The central concept is blending two separate groups; passionate and talented pre-collegiate artists along with equally passionate singers who are on the cusp of starting their own careers.

Professional Pace! In content and pace, our curriculum is designed to prepare high school artists for the rigors of a Conservatory education, and young professional singers toward a path of success in the music industry.

Daniel Ebbers
Managing Director
Pacific Opera Institute